Frame-panel houses
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Frame-panel houses

200 /метр кв.
оптовая цена
150 - 200 /метр кв.
Пушкарь Степан Петрович
,  Винница, UA
на Флагма с 4 июня 2018


Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive experience in the construction, I want to offer the supply of modules from SIP panels to your country for the quick construction of residential and non-residential premises . Today, such construction is gaining popularity in the East, although in Europe and the United States of America, it exists more than 50 years old. Advantages of such houses: fast construction, affordable price, saving energy and ecological. If you are interested in such cooperation, I am ready to provide more detailed information.

With the best regards

Head of "CITY-HOUSE Ltd." Stepan Petrovich Pushkar.

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,  Винница, UA
на Флагма с 4 июня 2018

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