Beet Pulp Pellets
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Beet Pulp Pellets

200 - 250 $  /тонна, мин. 20 т  оптом
Условия поставки: FCA
Хаматдинов Артем Фларитович
Хаматдинов Артем Фларитович, диретор
на Флагма с 13 марта 2019

For sale beet pulp pellets, direct deliveries from Russia. Under the order we can deliver to the specified point. High quality, non-GMO.
Beet pulp is used in the diet of cattle dairy and meat directions. Especially often this dry product is given to cows to improve the taste and nutritional qualities of milk. The nutritional properties of dry beet pulp is quite comparable to corn silage. At the same time, because of the high content of fiber beet pulp should be given to cows and other animals in combination with probiotics or enzyme nutrition beet pulp occupies an equal place between oats and meadow hay, while dry pulp is much easier to digest by animals.
Product composition :
Cellulose 45%
Sugar 1%
Protein 7%
Minerals 1%
Pectin 50%

Добавлено: 14 марта 2019, 16:33
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