Bog Oak, log
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Bog Oak, log

 1,700 /cu m
Зайцев Алексей, директор
Flagma member since 21 November 2017

The bog oak is unique material and has no analogues. Its formation takes place hundreds of years, and the result is amazing. The bog oak is strength, hardness and nobility. In addition, it is more dense than normal oak (15-20%), which provides phenomenal durability. And it is beautiful, its natural pattern, like a fingerprint, is unique. The color of the bog oak is not only black, it varies from ashy and reddish-brown to mottled "leopard" options.
Using bog oak, You get:
- unique characteristics of the wood;
- the elegance and nobility;
- material, trees for which grew during the time: from the middle ages to the era of the Egyptian pyramids.

We offer:
A log of natural humidity. Price from: 1700 €
Supply CFR-DAP Incoterms 2010

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