No ražotāja. Granulas, briketes, aprīkojums
65 / t EXW  from 65 / t wholesale
Granulas / Briketes / Aprīkojums . + Piegāde Krievija / Eksports...
Warm House Russia, LLC, RU
Dārza nojume
700 / pc EXW  350-360 / pc wholesale
Lielisks risinājums lauku mājai vai villai. Canopy jumta audums -...
ТД Руд Экзост Систем, LLC, UA
Srawberry Ukraine
1.55-1.57 / kg wholesale FCA
The company on a regular basis realizes a strawberry of excellent...
Cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets
1-2 / sq m wholesale EXW
Implementing major wholesale export of cellular and monolithic...
Эковис, LLC, RU
Teat cup liner DD 00.041.A1
Teat cup liner DD 00.041. A1 - advanced analog of widely used DD 00.041A, compatible with Dairymaster, Spaggiari 0\528, UZEU-528, Milkline S....
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest...
Agro Alliance, LLC, UA
$260-410 / t wholesale
The company sells cane sugar icumsa 45 Delivery to any safe port in...
Ромашка, LLC, UA
Investment search for pallet factory
Investment project is the pallet factory. Unlimited raw materials EN The Belarusian company LLC "Aurum Holtz" produces pine lumber,...
Aurum Holtz, GmbH, DE
Delphi DAF sprauslas pēc rūpnīcas remonta
250 / pc
Delphi sprauslas pēc rūpnīcas remonta - 12 mēneši garantija Daf XF...
PDH, SIA, Rīga
The industrial Base of Kazakhstan,Akmola region - 4.6 hectar
249,610 / pc
Present to your attention a plot of land located in a favorable place...
Group of companies contact..., LLPlLimited liability company (ТОО), KZ
Thermal treatment (thermal modification) of wood
13,500 / pc EXW
Thermo-modification of wood occurs in a saturated vapor environment...
Термообработка, LLC, UA
Plucker rubber fingers
Plucker fingers are made of wear-resistant and high-quality rubber, and also on the basis of the natural rubber. We make fingers for any...
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
Bremžu supporti 12 mēnešu garantija Pieejami ražotāji Wabco
340 / pc
Bremžu supporti 12 mēnešu garantija Pieejami ražotāji Wabco Knorr...
PDH, SIA, Rīga
A high-density vibrodamping elastomer Nowelle® mod.3.20
235 / pc EXW
Nowelle® mod.3.20.  is a high-density vibrodamping elastomer. It is a...
НТЦ Резина, LLC, RU
ABS modulator relay valve WABCO
430 / pc
Wabco un Knorr pēc kapitālā remonta 12 mēnešu garantija Modulātors...
PDH, SIA, Rīga
A low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer Nowelle® mod.4.10
83 / pc EXW
Nowelle® mod.4.10.  is a low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer. It is a...
НТЦ Резина, LLC, RU
Component parts for tractors
Molded and non-molded rubber products for agricultural machinery (MTZ, BZTDiA and etc.)
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
Component parts for automotive industry
Molded and non-molded rubber products for buses, trucks (MAZ, BelAZ), urban passenger electric transport
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
Milk hoses for milking machines
Our company produces the following milk hoses from food-grade rubber: - Hose 14x6 for connecting the milk line to the milking machine. Length...
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
Rubber crumb
We produce various fractions of rubber crumb from waste, without impurities. The rubber crumb is used for tennis and football fields with an...
Резинотехника, OJSC, BY
Flagmа* Available in 49 countries